Dear Wilde: Turning a Smash Book into an Organizer

Smash Book Organizer

I’ve had my SMASH* book for a while now and to be honest, I haven’t really been sure what to do with it: whenever I try to do a new page, I still get hung up trying to make them perfectly themed and elegant– which kind of defeats the purpose of a SMASH* book! When I came across this pin from Cherry Bits blog about turning a SMASH* book into a calendar/organizer, I was so excited; I thought to myself, “Now there’s something I can do!”

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with having a planner: I write down every detail of my schedule and keep things as neatly organized as I can. I may not quite have the flair for creating a gorgeously jumbled scrapbook page, but when it comes to making lists and keeping things in order, I’m all over it. The best thing about this idea is that it’s pretty much the best of both worlds: turning my scrapbook into a planner makes keeping my day-to-day life organized a fun and creative project. …Read More

Smash Book   Smash Book Pockets   April Calendar

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